Allergenic Filter

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Some years back I bought the washable hypo allergenic filters for my heating and A/C unit. Now the repair guy?

says "Don't use those type. They are better for the people but much harder on the unit" Anybody else heard this?

Best Answer...


I tell my customers the same thing. The reason being is a lot residential systems have minimal return air to begin with. Stick in one of those restrictive filters, even when they're clean, in a return air and you restrict the return air even more. Restricting the return causes the blower motor to work harder, affects how the refrigerant (Freon) performs (heat removal) and could damage the compressor. If you have at least 150 square inches per ton of return air, you could probably get away with using that filter. Anything less and I suggest using pleated filters. If you only have 100 square inches or less of return per ton, then nothing more efficient than a polyester or fiberglass filter. Just be sure to change them regularly.