Birdhouse Water

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What can I use as a water-tight filler/sealant for a wood birdhouse?

I recently built a wood birdhouse out of scrap planks, and I need something that will bind with untreated wood to fill in the gaps between planks. I want to make the birdhouse water-tight enough to keep rainwater out, so it has to be a weather-resistant material.

I have several kinds of rubber-based epoxies, wood glue, Gorilla Glue, etc. as well as lots of miscellaneous hardware materials, and it would be great if I could use something I already own. I don't know if any of my on-hand supplies would be water-tight AND safe to use for the birds that would be living in the birdhouse. What would be the best option here?

Best Answer...


Put slats over the cracks. Then paint the entire
Thing with whitewash. You want a fume free bird house.