Brita Pitcher Filter

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how come the filtered water from my HOT tap tastes better than the cold tap?

I have a Brita Pitcher filter. I have tried putting water into it from the cold pipe and from the hot pipe of my tap.

The water from the cold tap isn't changed by me. But what I do with the hot water, is I pour it into two large glass jugs and I let it sit there for an hour or two as it gets to room temperature. Then I pour that into the Brita Pitcher. Because like the instructions said, only use cold or room temperature water.

Every single time, the water from the cold tap tastes like crap, I mean it tastes so metallic, despite going through the Brita filter. BUT..., the water from the hot tap, tastes like... well... it tastes nice. It tastes almost exactly like the spring water I buy from the grocery store.

My question is why is this? And yes, my hot water comes from a tank that is heated by gas. I live in an apartment in northern Virginia. I read many times that it's the hot water that's worse to drink than the cold. Sooooo... I'm so confused......

Best Answer...


The metallic taste from the cold water is probably the result of the presence of iron in your water. And the reason why you taste it from the cold water pass to your Brita filter is because the soluble iron cannot be filtered by the pitcher filter.

The reason why you DON'T taste it from the hot water pass to your Brita filter is because you let it set for a while to get it to room temperature. As it sits, the iron oxidizes, or becomes insoluble, forming solid particulates. Then when you pour the cooled down water into the pitcher, the filter does its job of trapping the particulates, giving you better tasting water.

Hope that's as clear as mud!