Coffee Filter Packs

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Bad taste to water from ice maker?

Moving company suggested putting coffee filter packs in the freezer when we moved. Water and ice have tasted awful ever since. If we run 2 gallons through the water in the door, it's not so bad, but goes right back to awful in a few hours. The supply is filtered and tastes great at the tap, the ice line is now 6 months old and the problem hasn't gone away. Seems wasteful to get a new fridge, can't seem to fix the problem.
Not using the filter from the fridge, as it worked without it before the move. Uncertain how to "flush" bleach into the line with a syrenge, what type and how, pleae?

Best Answer...


there is a filter in the refrigerator itself. i would change that first. if that doesn't work take the supply line off the wall (or floor) and using a large syringe squirt some bleach in it. flush it out really well.