Coffee Maker Water

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Frequently Asked Questions...

am i over packing for college?

i go in two weeks but i've started packing over the last few days so i can spend more time with my friends when it gets close to time to go
i've got two big cardboard boxes for my towels and bedding, and my egg crate thing... and thats all in those vacuum space bag things
two suitcases of clothes that i've rolled up to try to save space (pretty much just warm weather clothes)
a suitcase of shoes...
a bin with things like lamps, coffee maker, water filter...
a big box with cosmetics and school supplies
and i'm not done... and i have a guitar and a plant...
is this normal??? it's really piling up

Best Answer...


you can never be to prepared and you dnt wanna feel like you forgot something your really gonna need so pack up your life and hit the road and make sure you packed enough party outfits