Cup Water

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Frequently Asked Questions...

1/4 of salt dissolve in 1 cup water?

how long will it take for 1/4 cup of salt to dissolve in 1 cup of water?

Best Answer...


Methinketh that this is a trick question, m'lady.
Let's say our chalice holds 100 mL (new unit) of H2O (recently discovered) then this would weigh 100 g.
The density of NaCl is 2.165 (from the Alchemists working in the dungeon of the Castle of Wikipedia) which from that Greek guy's formula would mean 86.6 g in the 100 g. Recent results from the dungeon show that they can only dissolve 35.9 g per 100 g of water, but I have told them to try harder. Adding caloric hardly changes the amount dissolved ma'am.