Dishwasher Water Valve

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Frequently Asked Questions...

why wont my dishwasher clean the dishes?

Only a few dishes come out clean the the tablet is not dissolved.

Best Answer...


doesn't sound like your getting enough water or your drain solenoid might be bad,when a drain solenoid goes bad they usually freeze up in the down/drain when you go to use your dishwasher it will fill and drain at the same time and not let enough water to get into the dishwasher to actually work.when you turn it on go to the garbage disposal and listen,if you hear water going through your disposal from the start then the drain solenoid is bad,if you take the bottom cover off the dishwasher you will see the drain solenoid right to the left side of the has a wire plugged into it and a silver plunger on the top that goes up and downturn the power off to the dish washer and reach inside and see if you can move the plunger up and down,if you can then its ok,if not then its bad,the other thing is see if the water line to the dishwasher is hot.that water line goes into the back or side of the dishwasher water valve,it also should have a wire plugged into it,if its unplugged then that's your problem,if it is plugged in then you have a bad water valve if the drain solenoid is ok