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Frequently Asked Questions...

How often do you replace the filter cartridge your fish tank filter?

There's a filter cartridge i put inside the filter and i was interested in when you replace yours?

Best Answer...


i replace mine once a month but i wash it every week to prevent 2 much ammonia from buildin up. if you replace it every 2 weeks u will waste too much money just replace it every month but wash it every week. You see most of the good bacteria that the fish need to survive is in the filter cartridge if you replace it than you are making the fish lose wastes that they need to survive which is also found in the gravel, plants and deco, that is why siphon cleaning is only good to do once every 2 months, if you remove too much of this bacteria the fish can die or get sick, that is why its dangerous to move your fish into another tank with completely different water, but just wash it with only water every week to remove the harmful bacteria this way it wont completely remove the good ones.Hope i helped