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PURA UV20 3 UV Water filter Whole House Purifier UltravioletDiscount Shipping
PURA UV20 3 UV Water filter Whole House Purifier UltravioletDiscount Shipping
pura uvb 3 uv ultraviolet uv water filter purifier
pura uvb 3 uv ultraviolet uv water filter purifier
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Filter Purifier Pura

RO Water Purification System, UV Water Purifier, RO Water Filter

Water has played a quintessential role right from the existence of life on the earth. Water purification is a process of removing unwanted and hazardous contaminants from raw using various purification processes for producing water for human consumption. Owing to latest technological developments, various methods have been discovered for water purification. La Gajjar Machineries Pvt. Ltd., India is a leading water purification system manufacturer offering ultra violet industrial water purification, industrial RO products, reverse osmosis products and ultra filtration products.

Reverse Osmosis Products

Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a semi permeable membrane. Today, the process of osmosis is regularly used for purification of water. The system is referred to as osmosis system. A process called Reverse Osmosis (RO) process is used in osmosis system for purification of water. The process uses moderate water pressure to force water molecules through a thin semi permeable membrane purifying the water by removing the water contaminants behind. As smaller quantity of water is used in domestic purposes, relatively less amount of pressure is used in domestic reverse osmosis products. The case is different for commercial reverse osmosis products as the water quantity used is quite more. The process uses various stages of water purification for different quantities of water and the technology guarantees pure quality water.

Ultra Filtration Products

Ultra filtration (UF) process uses a thin ultra filter for production of extremely pure quality of water. The membrane used in the process is a permeable membrane that separates macromolecules on the basis of the size. The macromolecules include pyrogens, hard dust particles, tiny micro organisms and colloids that pass through infinitesimally ultra fine filter. Industrial ultra filtration is applied in sectors including complex organic chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, nuclear and many such sectors. The ultra filtration plant is a combination of advanced technology and state-of-the-art facility producing clean water without affecting taste. Domestic ultra filtration products include 5 stage purification process with an water output of 8-10 ltrs./hr depending on the requirements.

Ultra Violet Water Purification Products

Years ago, through research and development process it was discovered that a special wavelength of UV rays can kill harmful pathogens present in our drinking water. UV light can effectively destroy hazardous bacteria including salmonella, anthrax, E.coli and various other pathogens. Thus were discovered Ultra Violet (UV) water purification products for purification of water. The product is considered as the most powerful, effective and affordable solution available in the market. Industrial ultra violet water purification products are specially designed for applications requiring 99.9% water purification. Applications include health sector, marine, pharmaceutical, chemical laboratories and many such industries. On the other hand domestic UV water purification products requires comparatively less percentage of water purification and hence there are less stages of water purification thereby enhancing quality of life and well being.

Scale Prevention Products

Scale prevention products are highly advanced and effective products developed through advanced technology for fighting against encrusting lime scale and hardness of salts. These salts causes scale if not prevented and removed timely. Lime scale can prove extremely inefficient and very costly if left untreated. Industrial scale prevention products are most cost effective way to increase efficiency and reduced energy cost. Industrial applications of scale prevention products include health sector, marine, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, food industry, and many such industries.

Pressure Boosting Products

Water pressure boosting system comprises automatic pressure controlled pumps attached with a tank. Water is constantly pumped in the tank through the pump which is equipped with fidelity pressure sensors that senses the minutest hazardous dust particles delivering pure quality water. Pressure boosting products measures and regulates system pressure by a transducer mounted on pump discharge. It also regulates speed of water pumping motor for maintaining correct pressure. The pumping motor functions according to the signals provided by pressure boosting products. Industrial sectors widely using pressure boosting products include food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, heath care and many such industries.

Water Softening Products

Hard water contains high mineral content primarily calcium and magnesium and sometimes various dissolved compounds including bicarbonates. Regular consumption of hard water in can prove hazardous to one’s health. Water softening units filled with right amount and type of salts makes water soft removing various hard water components. Available for industrial as well as domestic purpose, these water softening products are affordable and easy to use. Sectors using water softening products for removing hardness of water include manufacturing plants, food processing plants, laundries, pharmaceutical industry and many such sectors.

Contact La Gajjar Machineries Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, India for any query of bulk order of reverse osmosis water purifier, ultra violet water purifier, scale prevention products, water purification filters, pressure boosting systems for various domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

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