Filter Queen Majestic

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Filter Queen in UAE?

hi guys, yesterday a sales man came to my house and showed a vacum cleaner called Filter queen majestic+filter queen defender which is air purfier.
after the demonstration he offered me the price:
for Filter queen vacum: AED 7450
for the air purifier: 2950
the total:10400
but he said that he would take my Kirby vacum (G5) for AED 1000. S o the total price for the filterqueen machines will be 9400 Dirhams.
is that a good deal? do you know more about these machines? any ideas or help?

Best Answer...


Come on man, this is too much for this vacuum, in ebay they sell those for 2000 dirham, don't get ripped off by these guys. whenever someone offer you a machine or electronics, search the web and see how much they actually cost. check the website I listed from ebay for this queen vacuum so u can have a sense for how much it would cost