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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why my Watts RO-Pure water filter stopped working?

Water isn't flowing from the system at all. I bought it 2 years ago. Since then I was regularly changing 3 of 4 filters: sediment filter, pre-carbon filter and post-carbon filter, these 3 were last replaced in April 09.

The fourth filter, TFC RO Membrane, is said to work for 2-5 years. I don't believe it should be clogged by now.

System is only used a little bit, for the family of 2 people.

Why did it stop working? How can I troubleshoot? Their troubleshooting guide doesn't help.

Best Answer...


Is water turned on to system?
Remove inlet hose from manifold to see if water flows.
If you have water at inlet then its time for a filter change it's been 8 months.
If no water at inlet, then valve is off or you have obstruction in inlet tube/valve