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Add correct icon to cell depending on value Excel?

I have a spreadsheet that compares actual to approved. The If statement is If(A1<(A1*B1*90%),"Green",If(A1 Right now every row in column A is being checked against B1. Each row in column A should be checking against the same row of colulmn B.

Best Answer...


Hi Stephen,

This is very easy if you're using Excel 2007/2010.

Select your range that you want the CF to apply to.

Click CF > Icon Sets.. choose your set. After that, go back to CF and Manage Rules.

Edit Rule and change your criteria as desired. As long as you leave the box for Show Icon Only unchecked, then the Icon as well as your formula result will be displayed.

If you don't select the range at first, no worries. Select the cell you just set up with CF and on the Home tab, click Format Painter and now drag-select the cells you want that format to apply to.