Filter Sponge

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Frequently Asked Questions...

ive done a patial water change cleaned my filter sponge now for the first time ive got green?

water ive done an algae water tretment how long before it works did i do some thing wrong washing out the sponge

Best Answer...


It depends on what temp of water you used to rinse your filter. Anything other then the same temp water in your tank, will kill your biological filter.

On the other hand I have never heard of that causing an algae bloom. It may be completely un-related to your water change. The seasons just changed, is your tank getting more natural sunlight?

If the algae is on the glass then gently rub it off, your fish will eat it or the filter will suck it up. If you have actually green water then your water treatment should help.

I've never had green water, so good luck if that is your problem. I'm sure others will have stellar advice on that.