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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much do I feel my two goldfish a day? Help?!?

I have two small comet goldfish in a filtered two gallon fish tank. I rescued them out of a water feature that someone dumped them into on my college campus. I am not sure how much to feed them a day. I know that they were living on the algae growing in that water feature for a while and don't want to shock them with too much or starve them with too little food. They seem very vibrant and healthy and their tank has finished cycling. I've been feeding them a small pinch of food 2-3 times a day. Anyway... someone with advice and experience with goldfish would be really helpful! Thank you!
The fish are about an inch in size. I recognize as they grow that they will need a bigger tank. I don't need to be educated in that regard. Thanks.
They were removed from the water feature by the maintenance crew because the water feature was being REMOVED from campus! Holy crap! I didn't realize I would be attacked because I asked how much I should feed some goldfish!! Get a life people!

Best Answer...


a pinch of food twice a day. it should take them a minute or two to eat it, if it hits the bottom you've given them too much

and you do realize they were probbly happy as larry in the water feature? that they probably didn't need "rescuing" if you wish to keep them i suggest a pond