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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does any one know of a good soultion for hydrogen sulfide removal from a house's water supply?

We have a very bad problem with the municipal water supply where I live I am currently useing a 2 filter whole house water filteration system that utilises carbon filters and have to change out the filters on avere evey 2-3 weeks I some know of a better solution to the problem that is ecocomicly feasable I wopuld sure appericate it The whole area has this proble (small vilage Pop. 300) The village has done nothing to improve our water quality with the execption of adding an iron filter about 2 years ago

Best Answer...


you must first oxidize the hydrogen sulfide. chlorine is the best method using chlorox and a chem-feed pump. this makes the gas into solid particles of sulfer oxides that can then be filtered out with a back-washing carbon filter. if dosed properly you should get 6-12 months on your carbon. under certain curcumstances you can remove this poison, flamable and corrosive gas with KDF.