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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you filter out Windex from water?

In a science experiment we have to separate a bunch of stuff that's been placed in our water(the cleaner the better)
I've figured out how to get out almost everything but the Windex, steaming the water (steam goes through tube into Tupperware and gets cooled by ice) and filtering (filter method: Gravel, Sand. Carbon) won't work.
Any ideas to improve? or just a totally different method?

Best Answer...


In Windex there are a couple of ingredients with boiling ;points well above the boiling point of water, so I would see if I could boil the windex mixture at its boiling point which should be first just under the boiling pt. of water (l00 degrees C) while the propanol boils off as it has a boiling point less than water, then the temp should increase as the solution boils to a little above l00 degrees C; the normal boiling pt. of water. I would not boil away more than three fourth of the water. As the water solution boils, pipe the vapor (steam) over to your condensor ice bath to collect the ;pure water that you have separated. Left in the flask should be the blue dye plus two high boiling point incredients you can find by google Windex ingredients.