Fire Water

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what's the difference between earth, fire, water & air?

how do they see the world? I don't understand.....

Why does it seem earth and water are more judgmental? Why do they have to be that way? Are they insecure? what is it?

Don't feel offended if you are earth or water.
elements. :)
different in what way, Can you explain your whole answer?

Best Answer...


In a nutshell:
Fire is vitality, power, and enthusiasm.
Air is cerebral, dynamic, and communicative.
Water is emotional, deep, and thoughtful.
Earth is strong, resilient, and practical.

Earth tends to be especially judgemental because this is their nature. Water signs, with the exception of Scorpio, usually don't have this trait as pronounced as an Earth sign. And Earth signs aren't usually insecure, but it's a common trait of the emotional Water sign.
You see a lot of similarities between the two because where Fire and Air are Yang, Positive, and/or Masculine, Water and Earth are Yin, Negative, and/or Feminine.