Glass Water Kettle

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can you keep a clear glass water kettle clean?

For many years I had a Corning ware kettle. It would get brown inside, even though it was only used to boil water, and I used CLR mixed with hot water & that would make it white inside again. Couple of weeks ago it broke (sob) & I found it has been discontinued.

After searching for a kettle to replace it, I finally found a clear glass kettle. We have very hard water in my area & I know mineral deposits will build up & make it cloudy.

Any suggestions on how to keep it clear? Vinegar? Alcohol? Don't know if CLR would be too harsh on the glass. I don't have a coffee maker, but they use a glass carafe which must get stained by the coffee. If you have that, how do you keep it clean? Instructions just say use a sponge & soapy water to clean it, but that won't help with hard mineral deposits.

I had such a hard time finding this kettle & would like advice on keeping it clear & sparkling Your help would be so appreciated.

Best Answer...


Use a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar. Boil it in the kettle, allow it to cool then rinse with clear water.