Home Drinking Water Filter

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which home drinking water filter is the best?

I want one that I can put on the counter in my kitchen that purifies my water. I dont want to drink anymore of the chemicals in the tap water such as fluoride and all those toxins in there.I want purest of the purest water. Thanks.

Best Answer...


To get rid of things like fluoride, you need a reverse osmosis filter. Not sure that you can get these as a counter-top filter though.

Search the internet. You can buy them online. In Australia, they cost about $500. These are under-the-bench models that you need to properly install.

EDIT: The standard water filters, like Britta, will not remove any chemicals from your water. They will remove any suspended particles, and anything with a carbon filter should help sterilise the water. Fluoride can only be removed by a reverse osmosis filter.

EDIT 2: Again, if you want to remove things like toxins and fluoride, you need the reverse osmosis filter. None of the other filters will remove these.

It woud be great if we could have water with both these removed and the natural minerals still in. But that is called rain water, and only collected out of urban areas.