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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is it safe to leave the icemaker water line turned off?

My fridge takes water in for the icemaker and coldwater. But one of the rubber tubes has a leak. Is it safe to just turn the valve off and then deal with this in a few months or do I have to deal with it right away? Is the water line used for any function besides the ice maker or the cold water (neither of which I use). Thanks.

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I saw almost the exact same question here a very few days ago. There was at least one great answer. When you searched for this problem and saw that, what about it didn't answer your question. We need to know so we don't waste everyone's time by repeating what is already said in such a great answer.;_ylt=AiM.jkykKOoCdlJWrzjffgIjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20120406082623AA30arr