Long Reach

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I box someone with longer reach and more strength but is slower?

How do I box someone who is taller and has a significantly longer reach than me? He's stronger than I am, and has more weight on me, but his only disadvantage is he's much slower than I am. I know I'm at a major disadvantage, but is there any way to even the playing field a little? I try to stay out of the danger zone, but when I try to get on the inside his punches just pick me apart. Any tips on how to approach him? thanks

Best Answer...


Firstly make sure your conditioning is unmatched,
Secondly, Come in behind or under his jab with slight counter punches, feint your way in and get out quickly, and feint with a jab, and find the ranging shot that he can be hit with, if you are faster, you'll need it to get inside quickly and get right out. Feint him all night and shoot a quick lead left hand when he least expects it and find a home for your left over and over again.
Don't just walk him down because he is taller, walking in with that tight guard will allow him to throw the punches that pick you apart. Chase his arms directions once he slightly lets his guard down, push through him with a straight, wreck him to the body with jabs and counter hooks. Reach and Strength ain't enough to beat the better boxer.