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Frequently Asked Questions...

Brita water filters: They're so expensive, do we have to change them as often as Brita recommends?

Which means every 1 or 2 months? Or is it just so they can sell more and we can quietly use the same filter for half a year?

Best Answer...


Brita water filters are effective, but some of them are based on time replacements, which is dumb because some people that use more water will have to replace them more often and less water less often. But there comes a time after 2 months when it will eventually stop filtering and you lose the benefit of the device. Have you ever tasted the water immediately before and after the filter change? Big difference! Try a faucet mounted filter - it has a red/green light system that goes by amount of water used - not time, and is a lot more efficient. They aren't cheap but you get the maximum life from each filter.