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Frequently Asked Questions...

hi i have 80 litre boyu tank i was wondering how high do i fill the tank do i fill above the outlet filter?

somebody told me to fill up to the glass level

Best Answer...


The photo below, from the Boyu manufacturer, illustrates how to fill the aquarium properly. You fill it so that the air above the water surface is not visible below the opaque top. When due to evaporation or spray, the water level drops, don't simply add more water, Instead drop the water level down to twice the drop it has, and then add new water. If possible make it half RO/deionized water and half what you use to fill your freshwater aquarium. (If it's a marine tank then use 100% RO/deionized properly mixed with a good brand of salt mix following the manufacturers instructions. I filter all my tap water through a large carbon filter before further treating it as needed. This removes the chlorine, chloramine, and metals such as copper from the source water.