Quart Water Pane

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Quart Water Pane

Home Window Film: Tips For Applying & Removing

Decorative window films are a great do it yourself project because they instantly add beauty and privacy to any room. Whether you have been doing DIY home improvement for years or are just starting out, window film application is simple and only takes about 25 minutes start-to-finish.

Window film application is simple:

1) Wipe down and clean the window.

2) Obtain the measurements for your film.

3) Spray soapy solution on the window pane.

4) Apply the film to the surface.

5) Squeegee bubbles and excess soapy water out from under the film and you’re done!

Tips for Film Application

Use bottled water and not tap water to create your soap solution. Spots can remain under your film if your tap water is hard.

Baby shampoo works great in the soapy solution for window film application. 1/4 tsp of baby shampoo and 1 quart of water should be mixed.

Be sure to clean your surface again with soap and water if your glass cleaners contain ammonia or vinegar. Substances such as ammonia and vinegar will damage the window film.

It's best to use a lint free or paper towel when cleaning your windows. Paper coffee filters work great if you have them available.

Window Film Removal

Etched film is easy to remove and even reusable. To start removing the window film, begin by peeling the film away from the glass in one corner. Non-adhesive films are great because they cling to your window without the use of any chemicals, so they won't leave a ugly residue upon removal. If you plan to reuse a window film, you can do so immediately after it has been removed.

Saving and reusing your film for later is not a problem because you can simply apply it to the original or new backing paper, roll it up, and store in a safe and cool place for the future.

As you can, enjoying the benefits and beauty of window film only takes minutes.  So have fun and enjoy the process.

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