Wall Water Fountain

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you build a slate wall fountain?

I have been wanting one for the longest, just dont want to spend that much money. For example like... http://www.earthinspiredproducts.com/water-fountains/indoor-wall-water-fountains.html

Best Answer...


You can get a pump at the pet store or at the Home depot or Lowe's. cost about 35$ to 85$ depending on size. You can also get some slate tile that you can either attach together or build a backing to glue them 2 with mastic. All you need to do is is have a reservoir, a pump and a water dispersion head to make your own. I made mine and total cost was about 200.00 dollars. But it is about 5 feet tall and has copper pipes and slate tiles layered on edge instead of flat. nicer sound.