Water Based Sealer

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this a safe thing to do?

I use a transfer medium on my photos. It is a waterproof, non-toxic gel that dries and I peel it off of the paper to get a transparency of the picture. Then I glue them with a water base sealer onto switch plates and outlet covers. Is there any reason to think that this would be a hazard when used for electric outlet covers? A challenge for you electricians out there. Thanks-you soooo much in advance!

Best Answer...


There can be a spark created by a switch under some circumstances. If the transfer medium is flammable, it is conceivable that it could catch fire, but it's very unlikely unless you apply it to the back of the switch plate and it remains flammable after drying and getting covered with the sealer (if you do that around the back of the plate. Fire needs oxygen to burn, and a covered junction box doesn't have a lot of oxygen flowing into it, so that is another mitigating factor. I would take one and test it with a cigarette lighter. Make it like you would make any other plate, let it dry and then try to light it on fire with the flame from a lighter. Do it outside over a charcoal grill or on a large piece of concrete, away from anything flammable. If it catches fire easily, I would reconsider it. If it's hard or impossible to ignite with the lighter, and you get the same result from a bare switch plate with no transfer on it, then I would not worry about it.