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Frequently Asked Questions...

What's wrong with my pokemon?

Theres nothing wrong with my pokemon in black, yet random matchup continues tO say,"there was a problem with your pokemon, and they wont be able to participate" wth? And NO they dont have sky drop chatter or a soul dew!

After vitamins:
Hp- 343
Attack- 209
Defense- 184
Sp. Atk- 260
Sp. Def- 237
Speed- 313
Ability- pressure (hidden- volt absorb)
Item- electric gem
Rain dance

After vitamins:
Hp- 363
Attack- 193
Defense- 289
Sp. Atk- 229
Sp. Def- 233
Speed- 246
Ability- pressure (hidden- water absorb)
Item- water gem
Hydro pump
Shadow ball

They are both SHINY
Does anyone know whats wrong? The lady in the pokemon center lets me thru but once I select "free" and it was receiving info or whatever it says theres something wrong both pokemon fall in with every rule for random matchup

Best Answer...


Did you obtain them the legit way?
Meaning, did you catch them whilst they were shiny? Or did you get them via a trade?

You see, sometimes they won't work in participation stuff coz they are either hacked or those Pokemon might not be able to compete in those activities.
Plus, sometimes the stats are not meant to be that high for a particular Pokemon... you could edit them to be the strongest you know...

If it's not hacked, then that means the game treats those Pokemon as "legendaries" and you cannot compete with them in anything except battling in the wild or with your friend trainer etc.