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Alkalize or Die by Theodore A Baroody  Ionizer water Naturopathic Raw Food
Alkalize or Die by Theodore A Baroody Ionizer water Naturopathic Raw Food
Vitalizer Plus Ionizer Alkaline Water Raw Food Colon
Vitalizer Plus Ionizer Alkaline Water Raw Food Colon
Hexagonal Water Vitalizer Plus Naturopathic Water Raw Food Alkaline Ionizers
Hexagonal Water Vitalizer Plus Naturopathic Water Raw Food Alkaline Ionizers
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Water Ionizer Raw

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Raw Food Class PART 9 - Water ionizer electrolysis

Anxiety Disorder - Just How It Ruined My Entire Life And How I Cope From It Now

We suffered severely from anxiety and depression for more than 30 yrs. It acquired worse during senior high school, and even worse later on, as though it had been deliberately wanting to make my entire life as miserable as you possibly can. This is my story of excellent emotional discomfort, long many years of isolation, misery and utter hopelessness and how My partner and i gradually identified my way out of this dismal tube of despair and into the light of wisdom, joy and great alleviation.

Along with all the current problems one usually gets when we were young, the symptoms of anxiety attacks rather than initially knowing what these were, devastated my personal days with school and ruined my own concentration with schoolwork. I'd come home completely worn out, frustrated and struggling to pay attention to anything, especially homework. I had a very limited social life and no girlfriends. I suffered regarding what seemed like forever from social anxiety, loneliness, serious acne, mysterious weight loss, and crippling depressive disorders. I had an extreme dislike of most types of team sports and had a really hard moment trying to fit in anywhere. From grade school to high school, I actually suffered much hazing from others and far rejection and "unrequited love" from members of the opposite intercourse I felt interested in, producing a vicious routine of carried on social stress and anxiety, resentment associated with other's popularity and success, and my overpowering sense regarding rejection, isolation and alienation.

The suffering continued by means of college (exactly where I studied nutrition, psychology, astronomy and especially art) and into my work years. I possibly could only locate jobs that have been simple and stress free such as gardening, painting and handyman sort projects. I actually finally had a job caring for an workplace with a garden and fountain that required very much continuous maintenance and support. I am still working there today.

Throughout the '70s, '80s and '90s, I actually tried in vain to get the cause of my suffering through religions, doctors, psychiatrists, etc. and then be seriously disappointed simply by their "its all in your head" diagnosis! It seemed FAR worse than simply "anxiety neurosis" or even the after diagnosis regarding "anxiety disorder"! I couldn't think it. I thought I actually either required cardiovascular disease, kidney disappointment, cancer, strokes, tumors, diabetes, lead poisoning, mercury, DDT, or any mix of the aforementioned! You name it, It experienced like I had it! Yet, again and again all my own tests revealed nothing considerable or actually significant, no toxins, no poisons, nothing that made impression or was helpful.

We tried guidance, Christianity, Christian and Religious technology, eastern religions, meditation, yoga exercises, and positive thinking for many years, but still my problems only acquired worse. I actually started feeling increasingly more just like a nutcase and a good applicant for madness as more and more of my family and friends gave me the "its all in your head so snap out of it" insult-to-injury "treatment. " The majority of of my acquaintances had no comprehending or compassion for my personal chronic problems so that they left myself alone. We spent nearly all of my time greatly alone and isolated. Being with men and women scared me so much I often had to perform to an isolated, peaceful room or area exactly where no individuals were around. I really could maybe not fill out any varieties or indication my label on my always check or credit card receipt in public because I would shake an excessive amount of. A number of my signatures looked absolutely bizarre and any forms done illegible. I went through hell just wanting to fill out a straightforward job application.

Conversations would end abruptly because I actually kept losing track of what I would say next and would have trouble keeping in mind what each other said. I would have to remain in mid word, because I possibly could not complete the idea, resulting in incredible distress, another anxiety attack, and feeling as an idiot. This particular mental wedge would often happen at the worst achievable or crucial moment such as when needing to explain a very serious trouble, during an urgent situation confrontation, or even speaking in front of a small grouping of people, causing an incredibly severe concern with speaking in public and socializing of all kinds. Whatever it had been, when i needed it probably the most, I might contain it minimal!

My partner and i also got many bodily symptoms too that drove myself crazy. My own heart kept skipping surpasses, and/or accelerating and keeping awake all night (particularly when on Any kind of medication), producing me believe I was having a heart attack. I might usually have horrible scarey dreams then awaken terrified in a cold sweat and total dilemma. I might not manage to sleep once more until five each day. However would need to sleep throughout the day to compensate for the nightly insomnia and to cope with the destructive stress, vertigo, and depression. My partner and i also felt an excellent sense involving unworthiness, tiredness and fatigue that drove myself nuts whenever I needed to get anything done. Bills would accumulate, and I really could never receive ahead monetarily, regardless of how hard I battled the overpowering urge to sleep on a regular basis, especially after having. Greatly misinterpreted, I was considered by others as very lazy, beneath the influence (even though I NEVER took anything), and a poor achiever or so much "dead wood" when i was not able to support me personally. Imagine all this happening while growing up and looking for my very own place on earth!!

After a few massive panic disorders In 1982, I became almost permanently agoraphobic. To prevent terrible panic attacks, I always had to keep in my local neighborhood or within the town limits. This problem was a tragedy for internet dating, and so had to remain lonely. When i grew more mature, I became increasingly more angry and cynical about life. I might often get thus frustrated that i would reduce my temper and break items. I have to have considered one hundred various ways to finish my entire life, and so desperate was I to stop the severe emotional discomfort, but was too afraid to test anything. My entire life felt as an internal concentration camp or even hell on earth. My personal severe weight reduction trying to avoid foods I was "allergic" too even created me look like a focus camp victim. Nothing I ate would placed on weight anyway, it might just go directly on through, causing severe fuel, bloating and diarrhea. Nothing within my life went right, not really my food digestion!!!

Throughout now (beginning 80's to early 90's) I actually tried numerous medications such as imipramine, xanax, tranxine, and buspar. They were expensive and only gave me very disruptive and embarrassing side-effects without any benefits. In fact, This seemed every medication I actually tried just made my symptoms (depressive disorders, panic disorder, spaciness, recollection lapses, vertigo, tiredness, and frightening heart symptoms) significantly worse, especially the imipramine, which i had to endure two separate trials for {6} weeks. I eventually became thus frustrated and upset along with medications, My partner and i permanently ended taking them, especially with having to await so weeks for them to "work" simply to find they have the alternative effect! This isn't to discourage others who are trying medications, especially now there are so much more available that act faster and also have fewer side-effects.

Forced within my situation to use different things, I looked at such things as diet, herbs, and alternative medicine. I tried trying out diet for many years, but with merely limited results that sometimes even seemed to backfire just like the drugs performed. However, the results were enough to convince me to look even further into the topic of nutritional therapy and to verify if such a thing did in reality exist. By the late 80's I had finally developed an "Atkins" type diet high in raw fruit/vegetable fruit juices, cooked greens, and complete protein, such as fish, chicken and organ meat plus many herbal and nutritional vitamins. This specific new diet plan actually did actually keep my own depression and anxiety under a certain amount of (irregular) get a grip on! When i continued throughout the '90s to "tinker" about with my personal diet, because I understood there had to be something to it, I found much more foods that helped and was able to identify foods that failed to. No longer was the notion you can treat emotional difficulties with just diet a hopeful fantasy! It had been real! This little encouragement stimulated me on with sustained thoroughness, fanaticism and great passion.

As time proceeded, the diets I found myself about where increasingly more vegetarian, along with continuing improvement, but there was still significantly room for further improvement. I started drinking loads of water between meals as opposed to snacking, which resulted in even more encouraging improvement. I understood snacking was in itself a cause of many food , etc ., dental problems, and bad mind, emotional and physical reactions that would maybe not otherwise occur if all foods eaten in a day were assembled together in a single wholesome, complete meal, while other day is actually spent purifying on drinking water.

Within 1994, I actually wrote a book about a complete yogic system and lifestyle that's likely to lead to bliss, enlightenment and wholeness. Normally, I become extremely obsessed with my health insurance and what My partner and i ate and how I actually ate for most, many years into the future. I might often spend all day long in your local library, behind ebooks, etc. (and later the net) undertaking intense study on diet plan, nutrition, and neurochemistry. Men and women avoided me because diet was all I discussed and found it very difficult to get off the subject. Careful and limited, clinically guided eating was my saviour and only a cure for existence without fear and crippling depressive disorders.

By the end of Apr, in the year 2000, My partner and i transitioned over to an "oval-vegetarian"100% raw food diet regime (which includes raw ova, bee pollen, nuts, seed and spiralina, fresh fruits, greens, vegetables, herbal treatments, etc.) with even more improvement within my general health and mental {well-being}. I have ever since disliked the actual practice regarding cooking (wrecking) great food, and eating meat and pasteurized/homogenized milk products. My partner and i still believed anxious and agoraphobic, but everything seemed simpler to manage and had much better luck with meditation and yoga. There is also a very significant "spiritual awakening" side to my story, which can be found at the start of my book now online.

Within January associated with 2002, I made a decision to take up a website which will serve as an information and research center to encourage the actual development and exchange of new some ideas linked to overcoming all of the frustrations, diseases along with other hazards in our human situation, also to overcoming almost all limitations and all types of suffering. I am interested in alternative, natural, effective, wholesome ways to overcome anxiety, depressive disorders, growing older and many other diseases. I have dedicated my life to the elimination regarding fear, depressive disorder, ignorance, suffering, isolation, pollution, overpopulation, etc. also to the study of certain controversial subjects such as: living after dying, astral projection, breatharianism and many more. I am hoping it will likely be a "light house" to many looking for or in need of help.

The next large breakthrough emerged in with the discovery of negatively (charged) ionized (alkalized) "microwater" while searching on the web for a good replacement for a strong, but expensive antioxidant (Microhydrin) I was presently experimenting with. In the beginning of May, in the year 2002, I put up a h2o ionizer alongside my kitchen sink and started consuming loads and loads of the most delicious water I at any time tasted in my life, contemplating this would definitely avoid aging and help me feel just a little better. It did actually do everything and more. I was fascinated throughout how this specific simple machine could switch mere regular water into seemingly limitless amounts of the most of use, beneficial, healing, strong, free-radical deactivating and purifying liquid I ever drank, actually replacing a few of the food and antioxidants I used to need and therefore reducing my personal weekly organic and health foodstuff grocery expenses by 50% or maybe more. The idea enabled me to fast with regard to even longer periods between meals, giving me increased health insurance and freedom from fear, depression and from devoid of to accomplish dozens of tasks associated with food and its preparation as frequently. It had been no issue whatsoever living on a single meal per day, because with the whirlpool whole house water filters, that has been all I actually needed. I no longer had anymore digestive or maybe "allergic" problems and I gained some weight too for the first time in my life!

Most importantly, adversely whirlpool whole house water filters offers actually reduced my nervousness, fatigue and depression quite significantly, to the point I no longer even feel it! There's a scientific explanation because of this: while filtered water is charged with the negative side of a platinum-coated electrode (cathode) the pH (power of hydrogen) will be increased usually from around any pH of {6}. {5} up to 9 or perhaps 10. Currently being "microwater" or water that clumps together in units of {5} molecules each rather than the usual 12 approximately water substances per chaos (just like regular non-whirlpool whole house water filters) it could hydrate existing tissue far more thoroughly, and dissolve and transport nutrients much more efficiently than any kind of water. The idea easily last longer than the blood-brain barrier and acts as a buffer for metabolic by-products such as lactic acid that has been scientifically shown to be the most likely reason behind common nervousness disorders. Put simply, my brain was too acidic, and initially, the actual alkalinity naturally within most natural foods helped to neutralize a few of this level of acidity, creating several improvement. But this quite alkaline, in a negative way whirlpool whole house water filters, has really helped. The whirlpool whole house water filters coupled with my practically super-food diet program, special adaptogenic herbal products, antioxidants, natural moral lifestyle, etc. all work together to turn my depression and anxiety into just genuine bliss! All the physical signs and symptoms, such as rapid and skipping heartbeats, etc. I used to have, have completely vanished.

The sole draw-back was needing to drink massive amounts of it every single day and there were still other aspects of my health and anxiety that kept returning to haunt me. As wonderful as whirlpool whole house water filters is and in spite of the the very fact I carry on even today to utilize whirlpool whole house water filters and not want to stop utilizing it, there was still a thing more to be desired. In the past when it appeared to maybe not work in addition to it will, I might either place two ionizers together and double the amount of ionization and/or add a special natural powder with may in reality function as most powerful antioxidant at any time invented, and affirmed, I'd believe it is very fulfilling. However, the very first idea proved to be somewhat awkward adding two units consistent with one another because the quantity of water pressure needed to run the 2nd unit was often higher than may be provided by the very first, and the levels of that special natural powder needed, from roughly $200 with regard to 4 ounce., was too hard to keep up financially.

All of this research ultimately lead me to a different great breakthrough in more fully comprehending my condition and much more direct remedies in 2008: The actual deep need for alkalinity, that i realized that everything all along was trying to cause increasingly more raw, alkaline-forming diet, antioxidants, stress reducing herbal products, algae, and minerals. Apart from needing to find therapy for additional life-long complications such as pyroluria and adrenal exhaustion I found the primary underlying condition of my nervousness needed to be oversensitivity to acidic dietary and metabolic spend which all of the antioxidants, whirlpool whole house water filters and raw, alkaline forming foods I was benefiting from all along was neutralizing and alleviating. All of this knowledge and other research head me to the conclusion that why don't you add substantial amounts more alkaline-forming minerals like the very inexpensive dolomite to my whirlpool whole house water filters and coral calcium to my natural food diet that's already section of my daily regimen? My partner and i tried this and found even more astounding results: for example, the dolomite mixed in with my whirlpool whole house water filters seemed to double, three-way, even quadruple its beneficent effects just as if i had not only run regular water through two ionizers, but additionally just as if i had added the same amount of dolomite since Microhydrin, nevertheless dolomite, a really inexpensive, acquireable, pure white mineral powder, is usually many, often less expensive and provided essential calcium and magnesium in the right proportions which are two of the same alkalizing electrolytes present in whirlpool whole house water filters! One other three electrolytes are generally potassium, salt, and chlorine. I will now be adding some potassium to the mixture plus a pinch regarding sea salt to accomplish the electrolyte balance and see if any more improvements occur.

{Everyone's} situation is unique, and so i {can't} guarantee the same improvements I enjoy from the 100% super-food diet program, herbs, supplements, alkaline mineral deposits, and antioxidant drinking water, etc. Furthermore, my story and physiological reasons for my recovery are much more complicated as compared to what I could write down within the limited space I'm allowed here. What I know without a doubt, nonetheless, is you are able to benefit tremendously from whirlpool whole house water filters, super-food diets, and uncooked, primarily alkaline-forming, complete vegetarian food with an adequate way to obtain complete proteins. I've found if you ask me, proper nutritional therapy is essential to healing it doesn't matter what condition you can be experiencing.
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