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Frequently Asked Questions...

to add water conditioner for betta fish tanks?

me and my sister just bought a tank, and so far, the little fishie is sitting in the same water it was bought in, which was yesterday. the new tank is alot bigger, [2 1/2 gallons] we added betta water[pre conditioned water[ to the tank, but it barely fills it up. so how do i condition the water? do i add the conditioner to the little water in the tank, then add water? or do i get tap water, then add the conditioner, then pour it in? and also, will the betta die if i just put it in this 2 gallons of new water?

Best Answer...


Any time you intoduce a new fish to a tank or do a water change its is best and safest for your fish to fill the new tank with tap water, sdd the amount of conditioner that is recommended on the label, the tank should have been cycled, but since you have the betta, he should be o.k this time to put him in the tank.

When introducing the new water, you can put a bit of the water into the container he is in now, about every 15 minutes or so, scoop some water from your new tank and put it in the container Betta is in,

After about 2 hours of doing this you, you can put him in his new tank.

Good luck..