Water Storage

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What would happen if we transported water to Mars and plants. Would they grow?

We could build underground tanks for water storage and plant the plants/trees on the soil.

Best Answer...


Well, ...,

There already is some water there. Most of it is locked up in ice just below the surface. So initially we would need to introduce extremopiles into the Martian environment to kick start the ecology. Afterwads Mosses and grasses from earth's tundra region could be used to begin the "greening" process on the planet.

I also in favor of defelecting comets to Mars and deorbiting them. Initial, as some one has already pointed out the water would sublimate. However, at the point the Martian atmosphere became saturated with water molecules it would stop sublimating and begin to cloalesce as water vapor which would eventually cause precipitation. This would also result in greater atmospheric density improving the vacuum like Martian atmosphere to more like ours.

Water vapor in the atmosphere would also kickstart the green house affect and start the warming of the planet. This would make it psossible for Pine trees and other hardy plants to grow and contribute oxygen to Mars.

So Yes, eventually, bringing water to Mars will cause things to grow along with a lot of other beneficial effects.