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Frequently Asked Questions...

my fish have ick!?

my fish have ick and ive raised the temp to 82 degrees.
i added salt and used meds but i put a tad bit less dosage than they said to use bc i was told i didnt even need the meds and if i over do it they will die..

so ive been treating this ick for a week now and its not going away.. it seems only one fish has ick the worst tho. and he is getting weaker by the day .. i notice he is laying on the floor a lot and rubbing on the plants.. .. is there any thing else i should do ..

also i read that i should keep the water tank covered during treatment.? is this true?

oh by the way my fish are goldfish.. and i have 4 small in a 20 gallon.

Best Answer...


You don't need to clean the tank!
Just treat them like the bottle says and wait.
Same with you when you're sick. You don't clean out the house when you get well. What's the point?
Keep a little salt in the tank for a prophylaxis.

I had 35 tanks for several years and never got ick.