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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the best way to install a whole house humidifier?

We are getting a new heating system this week - going from oil heat to gas. Our house is very dry, so we'd like to install a whole house humidifier. Which of the following options would you recommend for a couple with moderate home repair skills (and a skilled dad!): 1. Have our contractor doing the new system find the unit for us and install it? 2. Buy a unit and give it to our contractor to install? 3. Buy a unit and install it ourselves? We're spending a lot of money and will, of course, ask our contractor for costs, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice based on experience with ease of installation and cost. Thanks!!
Sorry - we are replacing our oil heat (forced air) burner/boiler with gas heat. We already have a gas run water heater.

Best Answer...


Recommend that you tell the contractor to install a by-pass type humidifier. A by-pass type humidifier has no reservoir (tank) nor does it have a drum wick that requires an electric motor. Humidifiers that have water tanks develop slime in them - not healthy and not easy to maintain.

Adding it to the installation job shouldn't cost over $250-275 more.

The only maintenance required on a by-pass humidifier is to clean the distribution tray and the collection box periodically. You may have to clear the drain line occasionally.and change the pad. Cleaning the orifice is tricky - you might want to ask the installing tech to show you how.

Good luck.